Closing More Sales Within A Short Period By Putting Little Effort

Closing More Sales Within A Short Period By Putting Little Effort

It has been a tradition for real estate agents and brokers to nurture a client from the start of the deal until when the deal is fully closed. Agents would go further to contact their loyal clients in search for leads through referrals. Normally, since clients and agents have to take time when arranging the necessary documentation, as a broker, you’ll receive requests from your agents soliciting for extra time to close the deal with a client.

Most real estate professionals have the necessary skills to lure in prospects into their business but the problem is the time and effort they take to do that. There’s an easier way to handle clients and bring deals to close within a very short time.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” ~ Estée Lauder

Try a New Business Model

If you want to grow your sales by double fold within a small time frame by exerting less effort, as a broker, you need to build a business model that allows you and your time to study how various communities operate. One way to construct a flexible and reliable business model in this industry is by selecting the best agents who will deal in new homes and add some new-home salespeople to pump in extra effort. These agents don’t have to take prospects from a community to community but they’ll throw their focus on three markets.

In each of these markets, they will have to work with the salesperson in entry level, medium level and high-end communities. The work of the agent is to search for new clients and to determine which area, home or community best suits the client. From there, the client is directed to another member of the team who will complete all the legwork and paperwork.

Partnering With the New-Home SalesPersons

In this business model, agents spend most of their time setting-up the presale and finding new businesses. So long as agents have finished selling clients on an area, qualifying them and closing them on the best deals, they don’t have to visit a house with a potential customer again. They hand off the clients to the salesperson and as they setup an appointment for the clients to visit the community. Strong salespeople will be a great link and extension of the agent’s brand. Salespeople on the other end of the marketing funnel will be happy that someone is sending them leads consistently.

Nurturing Your Agents

After finding active agents that can work well in this model, teach them how to select the most ‘productive’ three market zones. Also, find a proficient new-home salesperson in each of the chosen target areas. Let them teach you and your agents everything about their community and remember to follow up on the agents on a three-week basis. Find a particular number of prospects a month based on the number of your agents to presell and hand off. Leave all the other work including legal and paperwork for the salespeople.

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