How Much It Costs To Live Like A President

How Much It Costs To Live Like A President

The American Dream is all about real estate. Each one of us want to own a mansion if not a bungalow besieged by picket fences and featured by the green front yards. How does it feel to own a home once owned by a U.S president? The presidential historical societies and the National Park service are in charge of these homes. These were the homes which previously hosted swanky panties as well as intimate family celebrations. carried out a research to determine the worth of these homes if they were to hit the market today. They compared 8 previous presidential residences with like-sized in the market today.

“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.” ~ Brian Tracy

Prices of Previous Presidential Homes

It’s clear, we can estimate the value of history but we can put prices on these mansions owned by former U.S presidents. Mount Vernon, the previous home of George Washington was sold for $200,000 in 1853 but now, it only costs $4,949,000. This home is made up of pine boards which underwent rustication process to make them look like stone which made the home to look newer. Monticello, the previous home of Thomas Jefferson was insured in 1800 for $6,300 and now, the home goes for $5,950,000. The Truman House, the former house of the Harry.S. Truman was valued at $25,000 in 1953 but today, this home goes for $269,000. Generally these homes today worth between $6,000,000 and $250,000.

Lots of Historical Significance But Priceless

These homes are not worth what many people think, they are just priced like moderate homes today. It doesn’t cost that much to live in a mansion just like a president. These presidential homes have been maintained through time and so they have been integrated with modern housing features. They have what a modern home is expected to have. Your dream home is within your reach if you have saved enough for the down payment. Good credit scores allows you to gain access to better mortgages which can make you to own a bungalow like that owned by a president.

Future Prices Of These Homes

Trulia used the current home prices in estimating the cost of these presidential homes. They used the median prices of like-sized homes in different states. The Monticello and Mount Vernon each had 23 rooms making them the largest while Truman House with only 14 rooms was the smallest. Same sized homes today cost as aforementioned without including the historical significance. The prices of these former residences of presidents is expected to rise as the value of homes rise provided that they are maintained properly.

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