Living It Up With What You Got And Still Saving A Little

Living It Up With What You Got And Still Saving A Little

Now that most of us are out of the financial meltdown, why don’t we live it up? There is no point of making money if you are not spending. But what’s key is spending wisely and saving a little for the future uncertainties. You are turning to your early forties, earning about $230,000 annually and you are still living in that two-bedroom house you started life with, still rolling down the streets with 2003 Toyota corolla and hardly do you go on a vacation.

You live a meagre life all in the name of saving money. Making six figure incomes and watching the zeros burgeon in the banks but it’s doesn’t bring in any meaning if you are not making use of the cash you earn to make life better.

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Spending the Smart Way

Being frugal and spending your finances in a shrewd way are two different things. It has been always been your dream to spin that second hand $30,000 Porsche as soon as you get an entry-level job. But at your 30s, when your income has really grown, you opt for saving by going for the $10,000 Toyota Corolla. In your 40s the novelty of driving a Porsche has worn off. Your income has grown yet you still live in the same apartment when you can afford to live in a better rental apartment by adding just $700 on top of your current rent.

Someone else earns less than you and he’s living a much comfortable life while still saving a little. At your 60s, you’ve saved enough for vacation but can you still hike for long hours? Can you enjoy an 8-hour flight? Don’t be lavish but live a comfortable life by making use of what you can afford.

Living a Better Life

It’s sad that most people who are educated and spend most of their time working hard to put an extra penny in their accounts are going to leave too much cash for others. It sounds selfish but working hard and living a pauper-like lifestyle doesn’t make sense. Take an example of a retiree who’s has no mortgage and has great pension but he/she is still saving as much as he can. That’s like saving cash to spend in death.

Using Your ‘Thin’ Resources to ‘Fatten’ Your Lifestyle

The key in building wealth is managing your finances in one place by signing up with a company which does this. With a single platform where you can track all your finances, you can be able to see where you can optimize. Consider being laid off rather than quitting a job so that you can get out of a job without anything in the pocket.

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