Using Twitter To Power Up Your Real Estate Process

Using Twitter To Power Up Your Real Estate Process

Promoting your real estate business through social media is becoming popular day by day but it is not easy to impress everyone via the social platform. Twitter is one of the platforms where you have to play your cards if you want to win significant leads. There are over 250 million users, Twitter is platform where by tweeting the right message, you can attract the attention of the online community and you can also easily piss off every prospect if you post what is not appealing to them.

To pave your way to ultimate real estate success, below are three key tactics you need to observe when interacting with potential clients.

“The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.” ~ Tony Blair

Content: Vivid & Compelling

Know your audience better and talk to them about various factors on what they like most. Search for the latest trends/hangtags in the real estate industry for them to create passion about your product. Check in journals, real estate newspapers, Google Trends or even blogs what other people are doing in the industry. Your tweets or the cover page should clearly outline the goals of your company. Avoid snippets that are common with scammers. Remember to talk about others as much as you talk about yourself. Over promotion can send red signals to potential customers making them to distant away from your company.

Personal Profile: Presentable & Simple

Your twitter account should be active, full of new content and a colorful and persuasive background. The profile picture should be the logo of your firm. A brief bio that can easily be read. You should also include the location as well as TRD reports on real estate news. Use twitter carefully and intelligently and it might be the platform where you generate and convert leads.

Posts and Images: Relevant

Any tweet relating to real estate should be accompanied by an image. Posts with pictures grasps the attention of a person quickly than a plain text. Texts accompanied by images are appealing to the eye and people will keep visiting your page to see what you have posted. Twitter allows its users to socialize and exchange ideas making it a good platform to engage with prospects. Remember to strike when the time is ripe, that is tweeting at peak hours.

Using the right language in all of your conversations will drive more traffic to your site. Don’t forget to use trending hashtags as well as words such as “free”, “top”, “follow” etc. You can ask people about what they feel about your product/service and ask for follows and retweets.

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